January 2017


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Praying for the Unreached


The Ethiopian

Real men search for God.
On their own.
They take initiative themselves.
They do not wait for others to come to them.
They go out and seek.

Ethiopia had a royal eunuch.
He was a real man.
He was not entirely sure what he hoped to find, yet he knew he had to look.
Even if he had to travel thousands of miles.
The title of Ethiopian queens was Candace.
Each queen was a Candace, a whole line of them.
Each Candace had her vast hoard of glittering treasures.
Gold, silver, rainbows of gemstones, spices, and priceless works of art, one can imagine.
Every Candace had her eunuch to guard and control her wealth from this fallen world.
Yet something was drawing this eunuch to far distant lands.
He could barely grasp it.
He had a divine lack of satisfaction with the opulence he saw.
Without conscious awareness, perhaps, he sought a higher country.
He set forth in a royal chariot with his aristocratic retinue.
He seemed to faintly understand the God of Israel was the “I Am” he needed to worship.
Yet there was more.
Something even deeper.
So, on his way home again, back to Candace and her trinkets, he pondered the Book of Isaiah.
What could this prophet mean?
Thus came the moment the eunuch encountered Philip the holy Apostle.
The eunuch implored Philip to explain it all.

Ethiopia yearned to be guided.
And it was Philip who told of Christ.
Most thoroughly.
They came upon water.
The Ethiopian asked, “What prevents me from being baptized?”

Yet focus intensely on this one fact.
It was the eunuch who inquired himself.
Pray others in Africa do so today.

“To stand before men on behalf of God is one thing.
To stand before God on behalf of men is something entirely different.” 
~ Leonard Ravenhill

What is the Problem?
2,000 years ago Jesus commanded His disciples, “Go make disciples of all ‘nations’.”
More than 6,800 of the 16,000 “ethnê” or ethnic groups/nations living today, lack a community of believers with adequate numbers and resources to successfully fulfill His command.
Simply stated, one in four people remain without reasonable access to being discipled—The forgotten one-fourth world! This means that, although there may be a few believers or even a few churches, they are a people group among which there is no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize their own people group.
Joshua Project is a research initiative seeking to highlight the ethnic people groups of the world with the fewest followers of Christ. Accurate, regularly updated ethnic people group information is critical for understanding and completing the Great Commission  
What Can You Do to Change This?
Jesus told His disciples in Luke 10:2, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Jesus’ solution to the dilemma of the plentiful harvest with few workers was prayer. Prayer changes things! Prayer…
- Ushers us into God’s presence, which changes us.
- Reveals God’s plans so we can cooperate with them.
- Obeys Jesus’ command to ask the Lord of the Harvest to send workers.
- Invites God’s presence and participation in the process.
- Removes hindrances to the gospel and prepares the hearts of unbelievers to hear and respond.
- Releases resources for the task.
- Insures protection for the workers and the work.
- Releases spiritual power to fulfill the call, and,
- Exercises divine authority to change situations and people.
- Prayer IS the battle, and prayer maintains the victory.
How Can we Pray Effectively?
Begin with these five simple prayers based on Scripture:
 SEE: Pray that believers will see the hearts among every least-reached people group that are ready to hear and respond to the gospel
(John 4:35).
- SEND: Pray that the Lord of the Harvest will send laborers among these people who have no chance to embrace the gospel (Luke 10:2).
- UNITY: Pray that the Lord will help the body of Christ to labor together in the unity of the Spirit to bring good news where it’s never been heard before
(1 Cor. 3:9).
- SUPPLY: Pray that God will supply and multiply the resources necessary to support His workers and their work
(2 Cor. 9:8-11).
- SUCCESS: Pray for a 100-fold fruit increase for God’s glory. Pray for transformation of each group

From the Editor

by Keith Carey

Dear Praying Friends,
In some ways, this edition of the GPD is an update from a year ago when we focused our prayers on African missionaries. Some of our entries will be updates, others will have to do with new work, such as new Perspectives classes and the fruit that is coming from them. Still others are carefully selected unreached people group profiles, most of whom are being reached by Africa Inland Mission. They have regular updates for these same people groups they are reaching at PrayAfrica.org. We might even feature these people groups in a future January issue, since we cover east and southern Africa each January.
On a different topic, you will notice that this GPD includes three months in one booklet, and we are using full color. We can thank our friends in Taiwan who are now printing the GPD. They are very much involved with this worldwide prayer movement; about 10 times more people use this prayer material in Chinese than in English.
Happy 2017!