Daily Topic for February 22, 2017

Proverbs 22:6, NET
Train a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Pray for the Lord to raise up teams of people to help raise up Zarma children in the ways He wants them to go.

Zarma People of Ghana

by Sonya Witherspoon

Birthrates are on the rise, and infant mortality is declining, so it looks like a good future for the Zarma people of Ghana. About half of their total population is under the age of 15.
Farming is the most common and most respected form of work. You will also find Zarma fisherman, teachers, businessmen, government workers, etc. The farming and gardening is labor intensive, and children participate. It’s not unusual to see one’s best efforts produce little or nothing because of drought or pests.
The Zarma are practicing Muslims. Every village has a mosque where the men gather to pray. Even though Zarma people seem to make an outward show of strict Islamic life, many also use animistic practices in their daily life. This results in “folk Islam.” These practices include wearing charms around their necks and consulting mediums. In these charms or small pouches, they often keep Qur’anic verses. Less than one in 1,000 follow Christ.

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Pray that God will send laborers and that whole families will come to Christ, especially children. Pray for Pastor Beh as he ministers in many remote villages. Pray for his continued spiritual growth and for wisdom and discernment as he leads and disciples others. The Bible is available in the Zarma language; pray that workers will use it for teaching the Zarma to read. Pray for believers to tell more in-depth Bible stories to encourage discipleship and leadership development.

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