Daily Topic for January 06, 2010

Proverbs 16:25
There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.

Like the man we just read about, it’s too easy to think that God won’t pay any attention to our sin. The Zaramo people mistakenly believe that they can make offerings to fallen spirits, and it will escape the notice of the creator. After all, isn’t the creator too busy to notice? This way seems right to human reasoning, but it leads to spiritual death.

Pray that the Zaramo people will soon understand that they cannot trifle with the One who created them. Pray that they will embrace Christ’s work on the cross as payment for sin.

Zaramo People

by WK

“Allah won’t mind,” thought the middle-aged father as he brought the sacrifice to the cave. He was from the Zaramo tribe of Tanzania, and his people had worshipped both Allah and a nature spirit named Kalero for generations. The man set the dead goat down at the entrance of the cave and started to walk back to the village. Believing that the spirit of Kalero often takes the form of blowing wind, he paused, hoping to feel this spiritual presence. Today there was no wind, so the man walked back to his hut disappointed that his sacrifice was rejected.

Although medical missionaries had won some members of the Zaramo groups to the Lord, there are many villages that have not yet heard that Jesus is the only true source of salvation. Less than one percent of the Zaramo people have come to a saving knowledge of Christ. The few who have are young in faith and still need to be taught the Bible. Only then will they be able to take the message of salvation to their own people.

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Ask God to send missionaries to disciple the Zaramo believers who have recently accepted the Kingdom of God. May they be taught Scriptures and grow in faith. May Zaramo pastors and evangelists be raised up. Pray for the formation of strong churches among the Zaramos.

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