Daily Topic for April 08, 2017

Acts 4:33, NET
With great power the apostles were giving testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was on them all.

Pray that YWAM missionaries will make it clear that Jesus Christ’s resurrection sets Him apart as the only one worthy of our devotion.

YWAM Ministry to Muslims in Brussels

by Willam, YWAM, Amsterdam

In recent years Brussels, Belgium has been featured in the headlines of news bulletins for the wrong reasons. Headlines brought attention to Islamic terrorist attacks against European targets that were planned in one of the neighborhoods of Brussels, Molenbeek. Many Muslim unreached people groups (UPGs) live in Molenbeek.
Today there is good news that won’t make it to the headlines. A new YWAM team, New Neighbors, is forming to plant churches in this and other Muslim neighborhoods in Brussels. One of the members of the team is from one of those UPGs and has just moved in the last year with his family to Brussels. With the influx of refugees, a number of Muslims have become “followers of Isa” (Jesus) and are becoming disciples to reach others and plant churches in the asylum centers.

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Pray for open doors and men of peace for this team in Molenbeek and other Muslim communities in Brussels. Pray for their safety and for boldness. Pray that the teams going to these centers will continue to have favor with the authorities. Pray for the Holy Spirit to use Discovery Bible Studies that are taking place in various asylum centers. Pray also that believers will welcome refugees into their homes to show hospitality and share the love of Christ with them. Pray for the Iranian MBBs (Muslim Background Believers) to be united and passionate in their faith and share it with other Muslims.

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