Daily Topic for January 21, 2018

Proverbs 20:12, NET
Ears to hear and eyes to see--both are gifts from the Lord.

Pray for these gifts to come to the Yao people of Africa.

Yao Muslims of Malawi

by BK

Although they trace their history to the northern hill country of Mozambique, the majority of the Yao people now live in Malawi. Much of the migration took place in the 1800s due to famine and tribal division. They soon become traders of ivory and slaves with their Arab neighbors. The Yao never united. Instead they remained under the rule of local chieftains. Today they continue to live in compact villages under traditional headmen. Primarily an agricultural people in the modern world, the Yao use slash-and-burn techniques to grow their primary crops. They grow corn, sorghum, beans, and peanuts for food, and tobacco as a cash crop.
The famous David Livingstone was a witness to the slave trade in Malawi, and his reports spurred a mission movement into the area. As with all areas under British control, the lucrative slave trade ended in Malawi in 1859, stemming the nation’s influx of wealth. Not much more than a decade later, Islam began to move in, becoming the dominant religion of the Yao people by 1920.

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Pray that Yao Muslims would receive a revelation of the Lord Jesus through dreams, visions, and through the word. Pray that they will have open ears and hearts to embrace the savior. Pray for success for the groups who are laboring to reach the Yao. Pray for indigenous believers to be raised up to disciple the Yao people.

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