Daily Topic for July 07, 2017

Gal 3:26, NKJV
For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.

Pray for the Xialusi people to put their hope, their faith, and their identity in Christ the king.

Xialusi (Sheeah-loo-si) People

by KC

Imagine yourself living in a situation where everyone you meet has to be able to speak Chinese so you can be able to communicate with one another. You live in a place that is remote because of high mountains. Situations like this mean that on opposite sides of every mountain there is a different language. With the large number of languages in the area, the government tries to combine the peoples even if it’s arbitrary. So you are identified as part of a cluster of tribes like the Dong, but you aren’t Dong. Your tribe speaks their own language. And with a population of about 4,000 in a country with over a billion people, your tribal identity is easily sacrificed for the greater good. This is the situation of the Xialusi people.
One of the common things you will see this month is the smaller people groups like the Xialusi struggle with their identity. Identity is who you are! And your identity is being overrun by others. Could this be the time when these smaller tribes put their identity in Christ? It would be great for them to identify with the king of kings! But how will they hear if there are no missionaries and no Christian materials, not even a gospel recording?

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Pray that soon believers will produce songs, stories, and Bible recordings in their language, so they can find the one we all must identify with on the final day.

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