Daily Topic for April 18, 2010

John 4:35
Do you not say, “Four months more and then the harvest”? I tell you, open your eyes, and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.

Jesus likened the spiritual responsiveness of the Samaritan woman and her community to fields ripe for immediate harvest by alert workers. These words to His disciples are still applicable for us today. Are our eyes opened? Are we eagerly looking for ripe harvests, or do they catch us unaware? In today’s reading, we find out about Muslim children who are open to the things of Christ. Even some of their Muslim parents are willing to participate in Christmas and Easter events. Isn’t this an example of a waiting harvest field?

Pray that the Church’s eyes will be open to see how to bring in the complete harvest.

Work Among Muslim Children

by PE

Berlin, a city known for her infamous wall, still has invisible walls dividing people groups, but in one instance the walls are tumbling down just like Jericho! Some believers in Berlin have left the comforts of their churches to open their hearts and hands to migrant Muslim children at their doorstep. They have rented space, and offer help with homework, computer skills and language lessons. They offer games, gymnastics and excursions out of the city to play in nature.

The parents appreciate their efforts and have learned to trust them, even participating in Christmas and Easter presentations. The parents express admiration for the high moral standards they see lived out in these pioneer workers.

There are significant challenges for these cross-cultural workers. They must quickly understand how to address cultural differences so as to not offend and end a relationship that might have taken years to cultivate. They must also deal with false rumors spread to attack their reputations.

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Give thanks to God for the great work that is being accomplished, and pray that a great harvest of souls will be brought forth from the effort. Pray fervently for the walls to fall between the precious migrant Muslim people in Berlin and the Christians who love them and seek only good for them. Pray for protection for the workers’ bodies, minds and spirits. Pray they will be encouraged, their ranks will grow, needs will be met, and their vision will bear much fruit.

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