Daily Topic for April 07, 2017

1 Chronicles 6:31, NET
These are the men David put in charge of music in the Lord’s sanctuary, after the ark was placed there.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will fill many Wolof people with heartfelt praise so that they will go forth using music to teach the ways of Jesus throughout Africa.

Wolof People in Belgium

by KC

When one thinks of African culture, one often thinks of music. No matter what part of the African continent one goes to, music is everywhere. When Africans migrate to Belgium, they bring music with them for everyone to enjoy. Most Africans in Belgium are from countries that have an historical connection with Belgium through colonialism: this includes Rwanda, Burundi, and what was once known as the Belgian Congo in central Africa. Some of these people have moved to French-speaking parts of Belgium.
A smaller number of Wolof from West Africa’s Senegal have mixed in with other French-speaking Africans. Wolof in Belgium are much more likely to speak French than their original mother tongue. Maintaining their culture must be difficult for the Wolof people who number less than 2,000 in Belgium.
Though the Wolof people are Muslim, they are much more likely to be part of a Sufi order than other Africans. Sufism is much more mystical and “emotional” than other forms of Islam. In Senegal, about 92 percent of the people belong to a Sufi brotherhood.

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Pray that the Wolof people will hear and respond to Christ’s saving grace. Pray for a church planting movement among Wolof in Belgium that will spread to Senegal.

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