Daily Topic for November 06, 2017

2 Corinthians 3:17, NLT
For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

Pray for an abundance of the freedom given by the Holy Spirit for the Turkmen and other people groups of the former USSR.

Turkmen People

by WK

(This is a story, not an actual event.)
The Chinese visitor saw many stalls in the marketplace in Turkmenistan. He walked up to a stall that sold books, and commented, “My, you have many books!” The merchant beamed with pride. “Yes I do. If I don’t have it, it doesn’t exist in Turkmen.” The Chinese tourist looked puzzled. “Then why are there no Bibles?” The merchant tilted his head, and asked, “Even the holy Qur’an isn’t in Turkmen. Why would Muslims have a Bible in their language?”
Actually the Bible is in Turkmen, but let’s start at the beginning. In early church history, Nestorian Christian missionaries won many Turkmen to Christ. Then in 971 A.D. 200,000 Turkmen households converted to Islam. It was what we call a “people movement,” where an entire people become part of one religion or another, usually because of the prompting of their leaders. There were no followers of Jesus Christ among this people group for over 1,000 years after that. In recent years 1,000 Turkmen have become followers of Jesus Christ.

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Ask God for protection and spiritual growth for the new believers among the Turkmen. May they become mature enough to share Christ with their neighbors. Pray for a people movement to Christ among the Turkmen.

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