Daily Topic for March 06, 2010

John 1:34
I have seen and I testify that this is the Son of God.

Once again, the testimony of John the Baptist is clear. Jesus is the One we must look to in order to join the Kingdom of God. But how will the Tsakhur people know? There are very few who speak their language, and they have no Scriptures in it. When Islam came to their land, they embraced this religion that keeps their scriptures in the language of 7th century Arabs. What would the Tsakhur people do if they could read God’s true Word in their own language?

Pray for a well-translated and complete Bible for the Tsakhur people.

Tsakhur People

by WK

There are no bookstores or libraries in Tsakhur villages in Azerbaijan, and you won’t find one no matter how hard you look. Do you know why? It’s because the Tsakhur language has no written form. The Russians tried to create a writing system for them 75 years ago, but it never caught on. Tsakhur is a very difficult language for an outsider to learn. It has 18 cases. Most Germanic languages, like English, have at most four cases.

The Tsakhurs are a Muslim people group living in Azerbaijan and Dagestan. Over a thousand years ago missionaries from Georgia won many Tsakhurs to salvation in Jesus Christ. But they neglected to translate the Bible into a language this people group could understand. Some centuries later Islam arrived and the Tsakhurs gravitated to the newer religion. Today there are no known followers of Christ among this people group.

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Pray that the Bible would be translated into the Tsakhur language and that the right missionary agency would be led to start this task. Ask God for the start of gospel radio broadcasts in their language. Ask God to open the hearts of this people group to Christ’s message of salvation.

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