Daily Topic for March 05, 2010

Luke 5:31
Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

All of humanity falls into the category of “sinners” who need to repent. But a little more than half the world’s population lives within people groups that have access to the Scriptures in their own language and/or a fellowship of believers. What about the other half, the other “sinners”? The first group has access to the life-saving gospel, and a relationship with our sin-forgiving Savior. The other half, such as the Tindan people, looks to rituals and religion to heal this mortal wound. Don’t we owe the the gospel?

Pray for the gospel to quickly go to the peoples like the Tindans that still have no way to atone for their sins, and do not yet know the One who alone can forgive.

Tindan People

by WK

The Tindan villagers gathered in a field near their village at sunset and bowed to the crescent moon as it rose in the east between two peaks of the Caucasus Mountain range. The Tindans were Muslims but felt no guilt about worshipping the moon. Their ancestors had worshipped the moon long before the coming of Islam. After all, isn’t the moon one of Islam’s holy symbols? During the day these same villagers also bowed in worship to the sun.

Although the Tindan people group converted to Islam hundreds of years ago, few outsiders know why they still also worship the sun and the moon. Perhaps this people group sees the silent witness of the true God in the heavens. Long ago Christian missionaries from Georgia tried to bring the message of salvation to the Tindans, but none responded. The arrival of Islam centuries ago put an end to such missionary activity.

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Ask God to open the hearts of the Tindans to the message of salvation. May the heavens declare the glory of God to this people group, and point them to Jesus Christ. Pray that the Tindans will come to see Jesus Christ, and not the laws introduced by Mohammed as the true source of salvation. May they soon thank Him for the beauty of the sun and the moon, and worship the Creator rather than creation.

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