Daily Topic for May 06, 2017

Psalm 107:1-6
Some wandered in the desolate wilderness, finding no way to a city where they could live. They were hungry and thirsty; their spirits failed within them. They cried out to the Lord in their trouble; He rescued them from their distress.

Pray that the Tibetans in New York City will trade their spiritual desolate wilderness for the abundant water of life offered by Jesus Christ.

Tibetans in New York City (NYC)

by PI, guest writer from Global Gates

In 1802, missionary William Carey referred to the Tibetan region as a “citadel under siege,” metaphorically referring to the many mission agencies hoping to gain access to Tibet with hopes of bringing about a spiritual transformation. Very few could get into this mountainous region. Today some of these same Tibetan people have immigrated to America, and they live in growing numbers in New York City (NYC).
The mountains of the Himalayan region and the tense political climate in Tibet largely prevent missionaries from accessing these people in Tibet. But this is not the case in NYC. There are no difficult barriers that would prevent the churches in America from moving into these urban environments, building relationships, and sharing the love of Christ. Unfortunately, few believers are involved long-term in reaching these people that are still less than one percent Christian. Our God cares for the distressed refugees who can no longer go home, even though they may not know Him. Do we as believers share God’s concern for such people?

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Pray for the Tibetan people of NYC who currently pray using a 108 bead mālā, who seek to gain karma through prayers of recitation, who prostrate themselves before idols, and walk circles around temples. These people are lost without the knowledge of our gracious God and the message of His Son Jesus, His free gift of grace.—PI, guest writer from Global Gates

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