Daily Topic for September 04, 2017

Zechariah 7:5, NET
Speak to all the people and priests of the land as follows: ‘When you fasted and lamented in the fifth and seventh months through all these 70 years, did you truly fast for me--for me, indeed?’

Pray that there will soon come a day when Tibetan Buddhists in Jammu and Kashmir will use their spiritual disciplines in a way that pleases the Lord.

Tibetans in Leh

by WK

“It’s our duty to fast,” said the older Tibetan man to the people of Camp 12. Everyone nodded and gathered in one of Camp 12’s wooden bungalows. Soon the Tibetan exiles in Leh were chanting prayers to Buddha. Many of the participants wore black bandanas with the words “Free Tibet” on them.
The Leh district is located in the high mountains of Kashmir, near the border with China. (India’s state of Jammu and Kashmir which we are praying for this month consists of Jammu, the Kashmir Valley, and Ladakh.)
Since 1962 many Tibetans have fled religious and political persecution in Chinese occupied Tibet. Such people often ended up in one of Leh’s 12 refugee camps. This part of India has a high concentration of Tibetan Buddhists.
Almost all Tibetans are Buddhists, and very few follow Jesus Christ. Each day one of Leh’s 12 refugee camps goes on a 24-hour hunger strike. The strikers pray to Buddha for a free Tibet. They do not know that their prayers do not reach the sovereign God.

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Ask God to lead a mission agency to reach out to the Tibetans of Leh with the message of salvation. Pray for open hearts and minds among the Tibetans. Pray that God would give these Tibetans a dedication to the prince of peace, the One who paid for the sins of the world. Pray that the Tibetans in Leh will serve him by taking the gospel to Tibet.

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