Daily Topic for April 29, 2010

Acts 8:1
…all except the apostles were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria.

Throughout history God has called His people to become missionaries by means of several mechanisms. We are most familiar with the voluntary mechanism; that is, missionaries going out voluntarily. But much of the expansion of the church has been due to the involuntary mechanism of Christians being captured or expelled against their will and coming into contact with non-believers. Acts 8 was just such a case. Then there are times when non-believers, like Tamil Hindus, are driven out of their homelands to places where believers reside. Could God be using the tragic situation in Sri Lanka to give Tamils a chance to find the Savior?

Pray that tragedies like civil wars and natural disasters that drive people far from home will be used of God to bring people to a place where they can find Jesus.

Tamil Hindus in Berlin

by EJD

A sudden gust of frigid winter winds caught the pensive Anusha by surprise as she hurried down the now darkened oak-lined street. Even as the moon cast silvery shadows on the pavement, Anusha’s mind kept wandering back to what she had just witnessed at the Hindu temple.

Anusha, the only daughter of Pradeep and Ramya Muralitharan, was born in Berlin and was raised a Hindu by her devout Tamil parents. Pradeep and Ramya were among the refugees who had fled Sri Lanka in the 1980s. The civil war had forced them to leave behind home and belongings. They braved immense hardships. Pradeep, once a proud land-owner, now worked unearthly hours waiting tables at a restaurant. Notwithstanding the long and arduous hours at work, Pradeep and Ramya performed poojas at home and did everything they could to raise Anusha to be a pious Hindu. They, along with other asylum-seekers, also began meeting in cellars to perform poojas. And Anusha grew up being ever mindful of her South Asian Hindu roots.

Anusha, raised a devout Hindu, conscientiously goes every evening to the Ganesha temple for the Sandhya pooja. Yet she is being plagued by questions that gnaw her keen mind. She keeps questioning the very meaning of the rituals that she has scrupulously followed all her life.

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Pray that these devout seekers after gods would find the true God in Christ Jesus. Pray also that Tamil and German Christians will be emboldened to share the gospel of salvation available only through Jesus Christ.

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