Daily Topic for June 01, 2017

2 Cor. 3:17, NIV
Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

Make this your prayer for the animistic peoples of Laos this month.

Tai Dam People of Laos

by TE

Going home should be enjoyable, but it ends up being miserable for Vinh. He is the only follower of Jesus in his family or village. They say they don’t follow any religion, but that means that they don’t have a temple or church, and that they don’t follow an ethical code from a holy book. It doesn’t mean they are unaware of spiritual realities. The Tai Dam people are deeply entrenched in animism and ancestor worship. Vinh is repeatedly reminded of this when he’s with his family.
Vinh pleaded with his parents not to, but they ignored him and continued to visit the shamans for him and give gifts to the village witch on his behalf. When Vinh was young, he was very sick and seemed to be close to death, so his parents took him to shamans and witches in the village. Because he lived, the witch now claims him as her own child and requires offerings and monetary gifts every year.
When he shared the gospel with his grandparents they seemed intrigued, but eventually responded, “We are Tai Dam and follow the Tai Dam way. If I followed God, who will care for my ancestors?” Vinh’s family, like the rest of the Tai Dam, need the freedom that only Christ can bring.

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Pray for the one million Tai Dam to be freed from bondage to evil spirits and ancestor worship. Pray that they will find life in Jesus.

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