Daily Topic for June 02, 2017

Ps. 106: 36, NIV
They worshiped their idols, which became a snare to them.

Pray for the Tai Dam people to find freedom from the spirit world.

Tai Dam Breakthrough

by TE

“If this is true, why does everyone around me follow the spirits?” Bien asked sincerely. He had just heard a story of the Creator God that explained how sin brought about our enslavement to evil spirits. The story promised a Savior, and told of his coming. Bien had never heard anything like it. Hoa, Bien’s wife asked, “I want to follow Jesus and be free from the evil spirits, but I’m afraid my ancestors would never forgive me. Can I do both?” Like most of the Tai Dam, she felt a strong responsibility to make offerings to her ancestors and continue to care for them beyond their death.
In the months that followed, they heard more stories from God’s Word. As they began to be convinced of the truth, they also witnessed God’s power. A relative was delivered from demonic activity as they watched. Immediately afterward, Bien gathered several relatives and neighbors. He told what had happened and urged them to turn to Jesus with them. Together nine family members now follow Jesus.
Pressure to conform to societal expectations is strong; but new believers encourage each other. Most do not read, but they are learning and retelling the stories from God’s word.

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Thank the Lord for this new harvest! Pray for these new believers to boldly declare Jesus’ power to save us from evil and for the message to spread to every Tai Dam village.

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