Daily Topic for March 28, 2010

Psalms 144:3
Lord, what is man, that You care for him, the son of man that You think of him? Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow.

Man is nothing! Nothing but a breath that lasts for a moment or a passing shadow. Furthermore, other parts of Scripture, especially the first chapter of Romans, tell of man’s evil desires and sinful nature. Doesn’t it cause God pain to constantly woo the unreached peoples like the Tabasarans, who are in rebellion against Him? Yes, indeed! But because of His love, His righteousness, and His holy character, God pursues unbelievers so that they may have abundant life just as we, His children do. In order to be righteous ambassadors of Christ, shouldn’t we be doing all we can to draw the unreached to Christ?

Ask the Lord how He wants you to pray for the unreached peoples.

Tabasaran People

by JS

As the linguist listened to the Tabasaran village elder, he was amazed at their tumultuous history. The Tabasarans live in the Caucasus Mountain region of Dagestan. Perhaps it has been their tenacity and stubbornness that has helped them to repeatedly repel foreign invaders and even refuse the Soviets’ efforts to relocate them out of the highlands and into the lowland towns and collective farms. They simply refused to go! They are considered the original aborigines of the area.

The Tabasarans have been Muslim since the 9th century, but surprisingly there are even traces of early Christian elements in their culture. They live in clan groups in small villages, and today the clans still remain intact. They are skilled artisans, but are suffering unemployment due to industrialization.

The New Testament in their language is completed and was published in 2009 along with a Tabasaran Children’s Bible Story Book. The JESUS Film is available in their language and has had a real impact on many.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for Holy Spirit led workers for Tabasaran communities. Pray for strength, courage, and wisdom for the more than 100 Tabasaran believers. Pray that their natural tenacity will make them faithful ambassadors for Christ throughout the Caucasus Region. Pray that the JESUS Film will have a strong influence among the Tabasaran people.

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