Daily Topic for August 29, 2017

Is 32:17, NET
Fairness will produce peace and result in lasting security.

Pray for justice and mercy to reign in Kashmir so that all will have the chance to excel spiritually and economically.

Sudhan People

by AHS

In the late 14th century a great number of people in Kashmir were converted to Islam, including the Sudhan people who are now entirely Muslim or Sikh. There are no known followers of Christ among them.
The Sudhan Education Conference (founded in 1936 and still in existence today) is one of the oldest welfare organizations of the Subcontinent. Per their Facebook page their mission is, “not just related to the formal education of Kashmiris but also moral education and preventing ill will to erupt in the society. It is focusing on the other evils from the society which are the cause of poverty and underdevelopment.” They explain that despite all the work that has been done there is a lot more left to do and, “an effort is being made to spur the horse and come in line with the rest of the world so that our youth may look into the eyes of the future and restore the lost dignity and honor of Muslims.”
Despite forward movements in education, the Sudhan tribe is also being influenced by the Wahhabi Islamic movement that promotes separatist tendencies among Indian Muslims.
It is significant that a portion of the Sudhan tribe has access to the Internet, because there are numerous Christian resources available in the two languages they speak, namely Kashmiri and Dogri.

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Pray that educated members of this people group will find the JESUS Film and audio gospel messages in their languages on the Internet. Pray that the Spirit will prepare the hearts of the Sudhan community to receive the gospel when it comes. Pray that the Wahhabi movement will not take hold among the Sudhan people.

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