Daily Topic for June 03, 2017

Eph. 3:12, NIV
In Him and through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.

Make this your prayer for the So people of Laos.

So People

by JS

The Lao-Thai name So (“elder brother”) refers to the fact that the So were present in this area long before their “younger brothers,” the Lao, the very people their country is named after! They speak So in their homes, but converse in Lao, the trade language, with their neighbors. There are about 140,000 So people living along the Mekong River in Laos. They are subsistence farmers. The father is the head of the family, and there is usually a headman who is the leader of the village.
They live with the consequences of numerous wars that have been fought in their homeland. Many unexploded bombs remain as a constant danger, especially among children who can have their limbs blown off.
One obstacle to reaching this group for Christ is their remote location. They are a naturally hospitable, curious people, so it is easy to talk to them about Jesus, though few have heard much about Him. However, when it comes to surrendering their lives to Christ, many cultural barriers arise.
Although they are nominally Buddhist, they also practice ancestor worship and animism, believing good and evil spirits indwell everything. To believe in Jesus, they need to forsake all other gods. This would mean isolation from their villages and their families. They would be looked upon as traitors. Their lives revolve around their cultural identities.

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Reaching the So will come when dedicated people are praying and going to the mission field in Laos. Pray for medical missionaries who can help the children who need prostheses. Pray for believers to live and work among the So, leading them to the true healer.

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