Daily Topic for September 29, 2017

Proverbs 8:13, NET
The fear of the Lord is to hate evil; I hate arrogant pride and the evil way and perverse utterances.

Pray that the Rai Sikhs will learn to hate arrogant pride, and find the spiritual humility it takes to embrace the Lord.

Sikh Mahtam People (aka, Rai Sikhs)

by PD

How many of you like to hear about a people that has advanced in a positive way? The Mahtam people, also called the Rai Sikhs, have done just that. They are a dignified and proud people who have advanced from common labor jobs of farming and rope making into professional occupations. Many are in the fields of business, education, and medicine. Historically most Mahtam people lived in the eastern region of present day Pakistan. Today most of their population of 655,000 live in India’s Punjab State, but some live further north in Jammu and Kashmir.
For a long time the Rai Sikh community has resented other political parties that have ignored them. With perseverance they currently have gained a stronger voice in the Punjabi government by securing more assembly seats.
The word “Sikh” in the Punjabi language means “disciple.” They are disciples of their founder, Guru Nanak (1469) and nine other successive gurus; the final one died in 1708. They believe there is only one God and he is the same God for all people and all religions. They condemn rituals such as fasting, visiting places of pilgrimage, superstitions, worship of the dead, and idol worship. They believe that salvation is achieved through meditation, the guru’s grace, and service to a guru or service to people.

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Pray that the Mahtam Sikhs will receive God’s grace, truth, and new life through Jesus.

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