Daily Topic for August 23, 2017

Ps 127:2, NET
It is vain for you to rise early, come home late, and work so hard for your food. Yes, he can provide for those whom he loves even when they sleep.

Pray for the Sidhu Jats to stop striving for power and rest in the Lord.

Sidhu Jats

by PE

The 2800 Sidhu Jats of India have a long and colorful history, including the melding of a royal household with a very menial caste. The founder of the Sidhu clan married a Jat woman and merged into the Jat community. The Sidhu clan is the largest known Jat clan and is recognized for their royal background.
After the breakup of the Gupta Empire in 550, the noblemen whose main job was warfare became known as Rajputs while the people of low means and class became Jats. Jats were mainly involved in agriculture and serving higher castes. However, many Jats excelled in military service and were rewarded with good farmland, so the distinction is sometimes blurred even today.
Today the Sidhu clan in Kashmir is completely Islamic. Their main language is Urdu which is a blessing as there are a myriad of gospel helps and scriptures available to them if only they would pay attention. The complete Bible was available in the Urdu language over 150 years ago. There are Urdu movies, audio Bibles, and literature sitting on shelves, while generations of Sidhu Jats ignore God’s offer of eternal salvation. It’s as if they are living on a diamond mine and don’t even know it!

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Pray for the revelation of Jesus Christ to sweep through Sidhu Jat communities. Pray that both high and low castes will seek and receive the word of God.

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