Daily Topic for April 25, 2010

Acts 17:30
In the past God overlooked such ignorance, but now He commands all people everywhere to repent.

It is very politically correct to say, “all religions lead to God.” But how can we compare the God who created the universe and paid for our redemption with His own blood with any other religion? Unfortunately, many Germans, even those with a Christian background, are drawn to Buddhism. Though Gautama Buddha was a good man, he cannot come close to the Risen Savior, who Himself gives us the power for a victorious life.

Pray that those drawn to Buddhism in Germany will recognize their need to repent before a holy and merciful God. Pray that those who now attend the Shao Lin Buddhist Temple will soon worship and serve the one true living God.

Shao Lin Buddhist Temple in Berlin

by CH

Young Berliners who are disenchanted with traditional Christianity are flocking to the Shao Lin Buddhist Temple. Shao Lin monks offer something new and exciting: Buddhism with a heavy dose of Kung Fu. Buddhist monks invented the Kung Fu style of fighting in China 1500 years ago to combat robbers who thought the peaceful Buddhist monks would be easy prey. This brand of Buddhism promises peace of mind along with defensive preparation for war.

The Shao Lin Temple, numbering about 500 members, is not an isolated example of how Buddhism appeals to Germans. Fifty similar Buddhist temples are found in Berlin alone, with some 6,000 European converts as of 2003. The Buddhists are “evangelizing” by offering something the German young people want. These German youths see their pulpits as lacking excitement, fervor and faith. German Christianity offered a vibrant faith during the exciting days of the reformation of the 16th century, but over the last 200 years biblical critics have talked this vibrant faith to death. The Christian faith now appears dull and lifeless to many Germans.

What German youths need is Jesus, but what they want is excitement, and most don’t know that Jesus can offer both peace of mind and more excitement than anyone could want!

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Pray that Buddhists in Berlin will meet believers with a deep love for Jesus and a willingness to come alongside them in their spiritual journey. Pray that the Shao Lin Temple will one day be a place where Christ is exalted as King of Kings.

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