Daily Topic for August 16, 2017

1 Chron 21:26, NET
David built there an altar to the LORD and offered burnt sacrifices and peace offerings. He called out to the LORD, and the LORD responded by sending fire from the sky and consuming the burnt sacrifice on the altar.

Pray for the prestigious Shaikhs to make a “peace offering” of their lives to the Lord.


by JS

Though Kashmir is an exception, the division of India and Pakistan in 1947 resulted in a mostly Hindu population in India, and a predominantly Muslim population in Pakistan. However, there are about 86 million Muslim Shaikhs living in India. Who are they? The Shaikhs are descendants of Arab invaders who conquered most of the area of what is now Pakistan as well as the northwestern part of the Indus Valley from Kashmir to the Arabian Sea. The invaders brought the Muslim religion with them. Today Shaikhs live in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The word Shaikh has many variations, but, in general, it refers to a leader or person of prominence.
There has been much ministry activity among Shaikhs in India, but little work in Nepal. Although their roots are associated with farming, today, as is common with many communities, Shaikhs are urbanized and are found in many types of businesses and public service. In fact, urban Shaikhs are often stereotyped by their reputation for business acumen, teaching their children mathematical skills at an early age, and strategies for doing business.

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Pray for ministry efforts among the Shaikhs of India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan to bear much fruit. Pray for a new work among the Muslim Shaikhs in Nepal so that they too will be represented among the nations, tribes, tongues, and people at God’s throne in heaven.

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