Daily Topic for January 18, 2010

Proverbs 28:13
He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.

This verse is like the gospel message in one sentence. The only way to be forgiven is to confess and renounce our sins. Unreached nations like the Segejus must either deny sin exists or cover them up with rituals or good works. Shouldn’t they know the truth, so that it can set them free?

Pray for the Holy Spirit to go before missionaries among the unreached Segeju people so that they can understand that they need to confess and renounce their sins against the Almighty One.

Segeju People

by JWS

Elih, an old Segeju man, sits cross-legged in the shade of a palm tree. His eyes half-closed, he drums his gnarled hands on his bony knees. Elih is tapping out a rhythm only he can remember. Two young men walking by roll their eyes and shake their heads. Elih is the only elder who can still remember the rhythms he used to hear at weddings and funerals. He remembers the old days when his people were the best drum makers and the most skilled drummers in the country. Today the art of drum making is lost. The men of the village now spend their time fishing, selling fish and building fishing boats. Times have changed.

Elih’s grandchildren barely understand the Segeju language. They learn their school lessons in Swahili, a trade language used throughout East Africa. Their heart language is passing from use and is even threatened with extinction. It has no written form, and so Eli’s people’s history has never been recorded.

One thing hasn’t changed in generations: their religion. They are virtually all Sunni Muslims. They have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Pray for brave believers to settle quietly among the Segeju people in northeast Tanzania. Pray that God would enable the missionaries to learn the language and create Christian recordings and radio broadcasts for these lost people. Radio broadcasts can reach areas inaccessible to Christians.

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