Daily Topic for January 14, 2017

Acts 17:11, NET
These Jews were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they eagerly received the message, examining the Scriptures carefully every day to see if these things were so.

Pray for those SIU reaches out to will be as noble as the Bereans, and search the Scriptures for God’s answers rather than relying on the answers given to them years ago.

Scriptures in Use, Kenya

by Cheryl Allen, guest writer from Pasadena House of Prayer

“My wife and I wanted to stay in our community to share the love of Christ and reach the other village and tribal people that are unreached and have never heard the stories of the Bible and the message of Jesus. We rebuilt our home each time it was burned down.” This is the testimony of a Muslim background believer (MBB) who is now passionate to share Jesus in eastern Kenya.
He and other believers in the area have been receiving training from Scriptures in Use (SIU), an organization that focuses on church planting for oral cultures. SIU provide participants with tools for learning and memorizing Bible stories to tell orally in songs, dramas, poetry, and other methods. Believers learn how to communicate the message of the Bible through stories that touch heartfelt needs of the region.
Recently the man who has continued to rebuild his home each time it was burned down was threatened again. But this time they wanted to burn it with him and his family in it. By God’s saving grace, a fellow believer intervened and convinced the group not to do it.

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Pray for God to protect and provide for these strategic leaders. Pray that God would continue to open doors for Scriptures in Use to equip other believers so that the light of the gospel would continue to reach the unreached orally. Pray for these committed indigenous leaders to be strengthened with God’s Holy Spirit.

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