Daily Topic for April 09, 2017

Acts 2:11, NET
“... both Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabs--we hear them speaking in our own languages about the great deeds God has done!”

Pray that this will be the year when the Lord will do great works among Saudi Arab Muslims in Europe.

Saudi Arabs in the Netherlands

by TP

Did you know there is a piece of Saudi Arabia in the Netherlands? I don’t mean the Saudi embassy; I mean the Greenbox Museum of Contemporary Art from Saudi Arabia in Amsterdam. It is unique in that all the art exhibited there was created on the same date, July 28, 2008. The museum includes paintings and photographs. Some of the work is in English and Arabic. In a way this is remarkable given that so few Saudis live in the Netherlands. Both Saudis and Dutch visit the museum. Saudis live not only in Amsterdam, but also in Groningen which has a Saudi Club; they also live in Maastricht, where a couple of hundred students attend the university and in a few other cities. Those in the Dutch capital work for the Saudi Embassy.
None of these Saudis could be evangelized in Saudi Arabia, but in the Netherlands such a thing is possible. Friendship evangelism may win a hearing for Christ. However, the Saudis are dedicated Sunni Muslims, so it would have to be very discreet.

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Pray that Christian students, faculty, and missionaries will engage in friendship evangelism with Saudis. Pray that Saudis will open themselves up to such evangelism and to media presentations of the gospel. Pray that they will obtain copies of the Bible and read them with open hearts. Pray that they will see visions and dreams of Jesus and ask Christ’s followers to explain them.

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