Daily Topic for April 11, 2017

Acts 20:10, NET
But Paul went down, threw himself on the young man, put his arms around him, and said, “Do not be distressed, for he is still alive!”

Pray that in Europe, Hindus will know that Jesus brings life, and that His resurrection victory is the only hope for mankind.

Sarnami Hindi in the Netherlands

by BK

Work, education, and tourism are just some of the reasons that the Indian population of the Netherlands has exploded in recent years. Long before this occurred, another migration took place for different reasons.
A migration began in 1873 from the British Raj in India to the South American nation of Suriname, then under Dutch rule. There was a treaty between the British and Dutch governments regarding indentured laborers and contract worker which allowed Indian nationals to work in Suriname. These Indian Hindus became known as Sarnami Hindi. A little over 100 years later in 1975, Suriname gained its independence. This created a situation where the Indians in Suriname had an uncertain future in the new nation. Many of them emigrated to the Netherlands, searching for stability. With an estimated population of 120,000, they now comprise a little over half of the practicing Hindus in the Netherlands.

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Pray that the Sarnami Hindi people in the Netherlands will soon encounter the gospel of Christ, and that they will find new life in Him. Pray that believers in the Netherlands will take an interest in them and reach out to their Hindu neighbors, demonstrating the love and power of our Heavenly Father. Pray for a church planting movement for the Sarnami Hindi people to begin in the Netherlands.

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