Daily Topic for June 19, 2017

2 Pet. 2:19, NIV
They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity--for “people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.”

Pray for true spiritual freedom to come to the Sapuan people of Laos.

Sapuan People

by PE

(This story is intended to illustrate truths about the life in this people group.)
Liko scolded his son. “The spirit over your lungs has left you. That is why you are sick.” The teenager’s congested cough prevented him from protesting. Liko began tying 32 strings on his son’s wrist to represent the 32 guardian spirits, each of whom “guards” an organ of the body. Trying to keep the spirits on watch had to be accomplished by physically tying their representation to the body as the spirits were known to wander off, thus creating illness in the organ they were supposed to guard.
The Attapu Province of southern Laos is home to 2,400 Sapuan people. In forests still containing tigers and rhinos, the inhabitants can even watch the Irrawaddy dolphins playing in the rivers. However, in this unspoiled land there is a vacuum of spiritual truth. The freedom to worship the true and living God is supplanted by binding spirits, keeping the Sapuan in fear and without hope. Although they have a gospel recording in their own language it sits unused like an unlit candle.

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Pray that believers in Cambodia will cross the border and evangelize this tribe in Laos. Pray that God will call godly believers to the Sapuan to disciple and teach them about Jesus. Pray that the Holy Spirit will woo and call the Sapuan to search for and find the One True God.

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