Daily Topic for July 10, 2017

Eph 3:6, NKJV
...that the Gentiles should be fellow heirs, of the same body, and partakers of His promise in Christ through the gospel,...

Pray for the Sanqiao people to place their identity in Jesus Christ. Pray for them to joyfully worship him in ways that honor both their culture and his kingdom.

Sanqiao (Sahn-cheeow) People

by PD

10—Sanqiao (Sahn-cheeow) People
(This story is intended to illustrate aspects of the culture of this people group.)
Jiang, a Sanqiao man, had just returned from working in a factory far away from his village located in the remote hills of Guizhou Province. He arrived at his uncle’s home for a visit. Holding a fruit basket with both hands and bowing, Jiang presented his gift to his uncle and said, “Hui Cheng, it is so good to see you after so long.” The elderly man welcomed his nephew by saying, “I miss our times together. Things are changing fast here in the village. The children are beginning to speak Chinese rather than our language. We had some tourists come, but they were not interested in our traditions. I feel sad inside.”
Jiang responded, “I feel bad about all the changes. I love our traditions, uncle, but we have to change with the times. I heard they will be building a better road, so it will be easier for people to reach our village.” Frowning and shaking his head, the uncle replied, “I do not like the changes. Someday we will just disappear as a people.”
Many of the 6700 Sanqiao people have had to accept cultural changes. Most of them identify with the Dong people. Buddhism and ancestral worship are still a part of their lives. However, many Sanqiao are dropping all religious traditions.  They need believers to present the gospel to them.

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Pray that God will open the way for his servants to reach the Sanqiao soon.

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