Daily Topic for January 17, 2010

Proverbs 27:5
Better is open rebuke than hidden love.

Has God ever rebuked you? We all have had this unpleasant experience. He warns even the best of His servants, like Peter, a fisherman who had the constant taste of leather in his mouth. God may rebuke us through His Word, or through His servants, but there is a reason for it: He loves us!

Pray that when Christian teachers rebuke or scold Rufuji children, that they will do so in love and help them grow towards Christ.

Rufiji People

by JR

The largest mangrove field in the world, according to wikipedia.com, is found at the delta of the Rufiji River in Tanzania. The banks of the 375- mile long river are home to the Rufiji people. Their homes are constructed simply, many with mud walls, others built conventionally with concrete blocks. In the flood valleys, homes are built on stilts.

Most Rufijis make their living by farming along the river and taking advantage of the flood seasons. Families will be separated for up to four months a year in order to plant and harvest the crops. Mangoes, oranges, pineapples, papaya, and jackfruit are grown typically and make up a majority of their diet.

Education is available for grades 1-7 throughout the villages. Beyond this level, there are regional secondary schools and a technical school located elsewhere in Tanzania.

Spiritually, the Rufiji people are entirely Muslim, with the mosque serving as the center of their daily lives and spiritual activities. The village imam quite often serves also as the elected village chairman. Significantly, though, many of the teachers in the primary schools are non-Rufiji and are Christian. There are several churches along the main road, but most attendees are from other parts of Tanzania.

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Pray that those involved with these churches and schools will form significant friendships with the Rufijis. Pray that God would use the schoolteachers to reach Rufiji students for Christ. Pray that more of God’s people would be stirred to go to the Rufiji people.

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