Daily Topic for June 30, 2017

Ex. 19:5, NET
And now, if you will diligently listen to me and keep my covenant, then you will be my special possession out of all the nations, for all the earth is mine...

Pray that all the people groups in Mindanao will heed the Lord’s voice when they hear FEBC radio, and that they will become His special possession.

Radio for Mindanao Island, Philippines

by PD

“Thank God the Bible radio broadcasts are being heard throughout the island of Mindanao!” A local pastor was talking with a group of believers who had come to Mindanao on a short term medical outreach. He continued, “In the last three years ISIS has gained a growing number of supporters on Mindanao. Persecution of Christians has increased. Many have lost their lives and homes. Before we were on friendly terms with our Muslim neighbors. Even at Christmas our Muslim Maguindanao friends came to our home to celebrate with us. These social times allowed us to share the gospel with them.”
“All of that has changed. Christians are cautious around Muslims. Mosque leaders have instructed Muslims not to socialize with Christians. Added to the problems are the communists who want Christian work to end. Radio broadcasts will allow God’s word to be heard among the Muslims, communist rebels, and everyone else in Mindanao no matter what happens!”

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Almost 70 percent of Mindanao’s population of 22 million are Christians with the majority identifying as Catholic. Most of the others are Muslims, who are divided into several ethnic groups. A new 50 foot FM radio tower is allowing Christian programs to be heard throughout the island. Pray this powerful mission tool will change the lives and hearts of thousands on this island in the Philippines where Christian outreach has become increasingly difficult.

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