Daily Topic for April 10, 2010

Psalms 49:7-8
No man can redeem the life of another or give to God a ransom for him—the ransom for a life is costly, no payment is ever enough…

It is very difficult for any devout Muslim to accept Christ’s redemption on the cross as the key to forgiveness of sin. Most Sunni Muslims deny the crucifixion, though they understand that the God of Creation is the One whom they must go to for forgiveness. By not understanding the depth of their sin, they resort to self-righteousness and unforgiveness. As a result, blood feuds may last for generations. The results are tragic for the Pushtuns and for their neighbors.

Pray for Muslim Pushtuns everywhere to seek out and find their only redeemer. Pray for Pushtuns in Berlin to find the redemptive work of Christ to be the source of forgiveness and reconciliation between man and God, and between all those who are in bondage to self-righteousness and unforgiveness.

Pushtuns in Berlin

by PD

“I came to Berlin in 1989 from Kabul with my wife and three kids. I’m Pushtun, and the Taliban wanted me to join their army. Now we are all German citizens. My kids are receiving a university education, and I make a fair living driving my own taxi. Many Afghans had to go home and most of the ones who came as refugees now cannot get work permits. They live on a small amount of money given by the German government. Each day they wonder if the government will send them back. They have not adjusted to Germany. It is especially hard for a Pushtun to return to Afghanistan because we are looked at as traitors. For a Pushtun that means they might as well be dead.”

Pushtuns are known in their culture for an unwritten code of ethics called “the way of the Pushtun.” It is a blend of practices that includes hospitality, protection, right of fugitives to seek refuge, the right of revenge, and persistence. They are fierce fighters for Islam, which led them to become the leaders of the Taliban. Their wars have brought hardship to Afghanistan. Their current population in Germany is about 25,000.

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Pray that God will send His messengers to the Pushtuns in Berlin so they will come to know Him, His Word, and finally receive the peace of mind, heart and soul for which they search.

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