Daily Topic for April 28, 2010

John 12:20
Some Greeks.... came to Philip, who was from Bethsaida in Galilee, with a request. “Sir,” they said, “we would like to see Jesus.”

The Punjabis seem like they are always “caught in the middle.” Historically, their land was a battleground between Hindu and Muslim forces. Guru Nanak became the “prophet” of Sikhism, a new religion that attempts to take the best of both religions. Muslims and Hindus rejected Sikhism. Sikhs who now live in Germany often don’t feel comfortable with either German or “old world” Punjabis. Sikhs face alienation. Yet there is also hope that, like the Greeks who came to Philip, Sikhs will want to see Jesus. In India, many Sikhs are turning to Christ, thanks to local evangelists with India Gospel Outreach. There is no reason why they can’t find Christ in Germany as well.

Pray that the Sikhs in Berlin will want to see Jesus work in their lives.

Punjabi Sikhs in Berlin

by GEC

Sandeep feels caught in the middle. He follows Sikhism even here in Berlin. His restaurant provides traditional Punjabi dishes like tandoori chicken. He believes in the Universal God and seeks salvation through disciplined, personal meditation on God. He hopes to ultimately achieve spiritual union with God after more incarnations. But his father only recently emigrated from Punjab and still thinks like a Punjabi Sikh. But Sandeep’s son, born in Berlin, has few Sikh friends, and he sees few men wearing the trademark Sikh turban. Sandeep named his son Manmohan in honor of India’s Sikh prime minister, but his friends call him “Manny.” Manny thinks more like a German than a Punjabi Sikh.

Meanwhile outside the restaurant, Sandeep feels resentment from the general German population. His beard and turban lead some to foolishly suspect he is with the Islamic Taliban. He has started leaving his turban at home, but then he faces his father’s hurt and anger. It might be easier for him in Cologne or Frankfurt where he would enjoy larger numbers of fellow Sikhs. But his restaurant has become so popular even with non-Indians, that he cannot picture leaving Berlin. Sandeep and Manmohan’s generations typically prove most responsive to the message of Christ than their elders.

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Pray that German believers will befriend the small Sikh community in Berlin. Pray that the Holy Spirit will prepare the hearts of Punjabi Sikhs in Germany. Pray that proud Sikhs will seek the True Guru, Jesus Christ.

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