Daily Topic for August 01, 2017

Isaiah 2:4, NLT
He will judge disputes between nations; he will settle cases for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks. Nations will not take up the sword against other nations, and they will no longer train for war.

Make this your prayer for Kashmir this month.

Pray for Peace in Kashmir

by PD

One of the first things you think of when Kashmir is mentioned is ongoing armed conflict. The people of Kashmir have been entrapped by political and religious agendas for many decades, and peace has eluded them this entire time. Human wisdom has failed the peoples. The deep wounds between Pakistan and India cry out for spiritual healing. The leaders of these nations need divine inspiration to do what is right. But both sides cannot stop the tensions without losing face, so the conflict can never end. There are ongoing skirmishes, terrorist activities, and persecution. There is a huge placement of Indian military personnel, taking soldiers away from their families. Many do not return alive.

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Pray for the Holy Spirit to move the hearts of the Indian and Pakistani leaders to allow for peace in this beautiful land. Pray for a new season of freedom and peace where the gospel can be preached in Kashmir. Pray for His word to go forth in Kashmir without restraint. Pray for the peoples of Kashmir to be released from spiritual and physical oppression. Pray for the Lord to raise up ministries from within India that will establish work among the soldiers in Kashmir.

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