Daily Topic for June 09, 2017

Romans 8:21, NIV
... that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.

Pray for this blessing for the nations!

Phunoi People

by BK

The sound of a recorder floats gently amongst the percussive rhythm of small hand-drums and cymbals. It is soon joined by voices, by no means smooth, yet intertwining in harmony. The performers sing and dance, and before long they are carrying weighted earthenware jugs between their teeth. This is a dance of the Phunoi hill people of northern Laos.
Like other hill peoples, the Phunoi are primarily agricultural, though they hunt and forage as well. Due to their practice of changing the location of where they farm, the Phunoi do not establish permanent villages. Some say the Phunoi migrated from China, although their own oral traditions maintain that they came from Myanmar.
The Phunoi have their own traditional blend of animism and ancestor worship. Many, though, have been converted to Buddhism through the influence of neighboring peoples resulting in a cultural blend of the two religions.
The Vietnam War has had a tremendously negative impact on the nation of Laos, especially in the northern provinces where leftover mines and bombs dropped from U.S. planes over 40 years ago still pose a serious danger. Health problems and malnutrition are also widespread throughout Laos.

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Ask the Lord to send Christian medical teams to the Phunoi and other peoples of Laos. Pray for open hearts and open doors for the spreading of the kingdom of God into Phunoi communities. Pray that the Lord will use the Phunoi to take Christ to other tribes.

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