Daily Topic for January 06, 2017

Acts 11:18, NET
When they heard this, they ceased their objections and praised God, saying, “So then, God has granted the repentance that leads to life even to the Gentiles.”

Pray for African church leaders to be so convinced that the gospel is for all tribes and nations that they will send their best workers to enter new harvest fields.

Perspectives in Rwanda

by KC

Since 1974, the Perspectives class has been helping believers in English-speaking countries to understand the biblical basis for mission, frontier mission history, mission strategy, and issues of culture as they relate to frontier mission work. It has proven to change the outlook and the behavior of people who take it. This life-changing class is making its way into many parts of the world.
Last year Rwandan students took Perspectives and the related Kairos course for the first time, and we prayed for their new mission efforts.
Marc Simpao, a Perspectives leader in Rwanda comments, “Many people who were already working in mobilization reported an increase in knowledge and skill because of Perspectives. A Rwandan of pygmy descent had aspirations of going back into the Democratic Republic of Congo to share the gospel among the Pygmy population. Another attendee has aspirations of planting an African church in Dubai. ... There is a core of nationals who have assumed leadership in continuing the program. There has thus far been one intensive class and one instructor training. A second class is planned for August 2016 with five of the lessons being taught by [Rwandan] nationals. The hope is that in the next one or two intensives, the whole course can be taught by East Africans….”

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Pray that as Perspectives and Kairos go into their second year that the Lord will raise up Africans to teach the classes. Pray that as Rwandans exit the classroom they will enter a lifelong commitment to frontier mission service.

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