Daily Topic for January 28, 2017

Acts 10:28-29, NET
He said to them, “You know that it is unlawful for a Jew to associate with or visit a Gentile, yet God has shown me that I should call no person defiled or ritually unclean. Therefore when you sent for me, I came without any objection. Now may I ask why you sent for me?”

Pray for God’s servants in Africa to have the teachability of Peter.

Perspectives Global Huddle

by KC

The gospel used to be going from the West to the rest, and now it is going from the “rest” to all over the world! Now is the time to prepare believers from around the world to finish the task of world evangelization. That is why Perspectives is such a crucial tool. It helps people get on track with God’s plan of reaching every tribe, tongue, and nation.
At the end of 2015, leaders from Perspectives had a “huddle” in Nairobi, Kenya. They reported the following. “With Perspectives in five languages now, and four more in the translation process, the demand for Perspectives is exploding. There are far too many countries asking for permission and assistance. The reservoir of experience and wisdom in our movement has been growing for more than a decade. Now is the time to build on that strength.”
Those from established programs were able to teach those from interested countries how to overcome common obstacles. During their “huddle” they were able to summarize 15 years of experience for those who will soon be starting new classes.
Some of the countries that offer Perspectives are experiencing challenges that come from amazing growth. In the Chinese-speaking world, there were 12 classes in their first 18 months! Portuguese-speaking Brazil is faced with the challenge of maintaining quality while dealing with explosive growth over the last three years.

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Pray for qualified laborers to help teach and administrate Perspectives around the world.

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