Daily Topic for July 16, 2017

Prov 1:5, NIV
Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidanceā€¦

Pray for spiritual discernment for the Xi people as they try to distinguish between the truth of the gospel and the lies of local cults.

People of China

by BK

Denied official recognition as a minority in the 1950s, included in a list of undetermined minorities in the 1980s, the Xi are a small, though unique people group. Though there are less than 1,800 Xi in the heart of China, they are entirely different from all their neighbors in terms of history, language, and customs. The Xi believe their origins to be in the Gansu or Shaanxi Province. Today, the most closely related people is the Ga Mong. Both were considered a part of the Miao nationality, but were recently reclassified as Xi for political reasons.
Until recently, the Xi women would regularly wear beautiful traditional clothing, though it is now reserved for special occasions. The Xi are open to intermarriage with the Ge, Miao, or Han. When they marry within their own people, they must marry those from other villages.
Though the Xi were presented with the gospel by a group of Chinese Christians in 1998, they were unwilling to accept the message brought to them. Unable to recognize a difference between the Christian missionaries and those of an indigenous cult, they were not willing to receive the gospel message. They retained their animistic ways.

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Pray that the Xi people would encounter the true power and love of the gospel of the kingdom of God. Pray that their eyes would be opened, that they would be able to see truly, and that they would receive freedom from spiritual bondage.

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