Daily Topic for May 08, 2017

Revelation 21:2, NKJV
Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

Pray for both Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims to yearn for the day when there is a New Jerusalem, far superior to any city they can ever imagine.

Palestinian Muslims in NYC

by BD, guest writer from Global Gates

Yearning for their homeland, Palestinian Muslims are scattered across the urban centers of the United States and around the globe. Due to the Arab-Israeli wars they suffered personal loss losing their homes, property, and control of their destinies. The highest concentration of these Palestinian immigrants in the US, around 20,000, reside in the New York City Metro Area. They cope, working hard and contributing to American society, but they are living in a never-ending state of inner-unsettledness. Palestinian immigrants in NYC left families behind in the West Bank, Gaza, or Arab refugee camps, and they often feel guilty for not suffering as much as the others.
The greatest barriers preventing Palestinian Muslims from coming to faith in Jesus Christ come from geopolitics and Zionism. They assume that no one wants them, including Americans. They believe that Christians are only concerned with strengthening Israel at their expense. To a Palestinian, it seems that few Westerners are concerned about the well-being of their people. Although they have resided in American cities for decades, most of these Muslims have not had contacts with Christians willing to befriend them and share the gospel. Palestinian Muslims need to meet Christ-like believers who are willing to overlook international political issues in favor of seeking first the Lord’s kingdom and seeing all peoples, including Palestinian, reached for Christ.

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Pray that followers of the Messiah will connect with Palestinian Muslims and love and serve them for the Lord’s sake.

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