Daily Topic for July 06, 2017

Zechariah 4:10a (NLT)
Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin ... .

Pray for small beginnings of spiritual growth to begin among the Numao people of China.

Numao (Noo-maow) People

by PE

They only have a simple audio recording to tell them about the most important matter in their lives! Someone labored diligently at one time to capture the nugget of truth that is the gospel in the heart language of the Numao people. It stands ready for another to build upon. Who knows whether it lingers on a dusty shelf or has never been distributed or taught at all. What we do know is that at this time there is not one Numao who follows Christ.
In 500 BC the Numao were part of a great race who were forced to flee to southern China to escape persecution. Then conflict shattered the great race into tiny shards of people groups who became distinct in language and customs.
The Numao are sometimes called the “black trouser Yao” for the black trousers the men customarily wear. They worship spirits and believe demons live in the highest of their mountains. Because of their few numbers, about 2300, most mission agencies have largely ignored the Numao and others with such small populations.

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As the curtains of time are drawing closed, may we remember the few as well as the many, for all are offered the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for their salvation. The Gentle Shepherd leaves the great herd to rescue the one. May we pray diligently for the salvation of the Numao people.

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