Daily Topic for April 22, 2010

Mark 5:17
Then the people began to plead with Jesus to leave their region.

At one time, what is now North Korea was called “the Jerusalem of the East” because of the responsiveness to the gospel. Then when Communism came, believers were either killed or exiled. It seemed that Jesus had left their region. But He is still waiting outside the door, knocking, and patiently waiting for the North Koreans to answer. In this failed state, people flee whenever they can to China, South Korea or even far-away Germany. Jesus has not left these regions.

Pray that the North Koreans in Berlin will answer when Christ knocks.

North Koreans in Berlin

by WK

They were a group of college students living in a dormitory on the grounds of the North Korean Embassy in Berlin. Each day a bus took them to and from the colleges they attended. The students knew they were being constantly watched. Not all of their “guards” wore uniforms. All of the students suspected that some of their numbers were actually informers working for the secret police. Being constantly watched, the students felt isolated, unable to trust anyone. They wondered why their government was so afraid.

In recent years North Korea has sent groups of students to German colleges so they could learn Western technical skills. Years of hard line Communist rule has left North Korea way behind the West in many technical fields. But the North Korean government fears that their students would be influenced by Germany’s culture of prosperity and freedom. They especially fear the influence of Christianity, an illegal religion in North Korea.

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Pray that God would open doors for believers to witness to the North Korean students now living in Berlin. Ask God to lead Christians to take jobs in the schools attended by these students. Pray that God would open the hearts of these students to the message of salvation. Fear of persecution is a huge obstacle; pray that they will overcome fear.

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