Daily Topic for January 05, 2010

Proverbs 3:27
Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. Do not say to your neighbor, 'Come back later; I'll give it tomorrow.'-When you now have it with you.

It’s both inspiring and challenging to hear of missionaries working among those dying of AIDS in Tanzania. Such people are acting out of the love Christ gave them for those dying of a dreaded disease. Notice that these workers are also bringing the eternal gospel to the Ndorde people. Such actions are pleasing to our loving Lord.

Pray that God will raise up many to regularly provide medicine and the life-changing gospel to the unreached peoples of Tanzania.

Ndorde People

by WK

Groups of young men hid in the bush in the most dangerous part of Tanzania, hoping lions wouldn’t find them. They had AIDS, but the disease was in its early stages. Off in the distance stood the huts of a Ndorde village. The men didn’t dare go anywhere near those huts. The Ndordes, like many other people groups of this region, cast out those who have AIDS. The men knew they would be beaten to death if they ever set foot in a village.

Then several missionaries got out of a nearby jeep and walked over to the young men. “We have medicines to heal your bodies. We know a man named Jesus who can heal your souls.” One by one the young men stepped out of their hiding places, figuring they had nothing to lose. No one had ever tried to help them before.

Like many people groups living on Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast, the Ndordes are predominantly Muslim. Rampant immorality has made AIDS a serious problem for this people group. In recent years survey teams have gone from village to village to ask the Ndorde people about their health needs. Doctors have participated in the survey and are now gathering a database that missionaries will one day use to tell the Ndordes about Jesus Christ.

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Pray that the Ndorde people will soon realize that only the Holy Spirit can give them the strength to resist sexual temptation. May the Great Physician one day be worshipped by many from among the Ndorde people.

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