Daily Topic for December 13, 2017

Genesis 1:12, NLT
The land produced vegetation--all sorts of seed-bearing plants, and trees with seed-bearing fruit. Their seeds produced plants and trees of the same kind. And God saw that it was good.

Pray for the trees owned by the Nafusah Berbers to be healthy and fruitful, and that they will give praise to their true creator!

Nafusah Berbers

by JS

Two men stood arguing under an olive tree. What were they arguing about? Who owned the tree and who owned the soil under the tree! It sounds strange, but in the Nafusah Plateau southwest of Tripoli, the size of a farm is not determined by the amount of land it has, but by the number of trees. This plateau is very unusual, rising 3,000 feet above the Mediterranean coast. Its rocky limestone formations and caves are home to the Jabal Nafusah Berbers. Forced over a thousand years ago by Arab invaders to leave the more prosperous regions, this Berber tribe literally carved out homes in the limestone and developed farming in this arid region. The more trees, the better, according to the Nafusah. They grow olive and fig trees and date palms. Hundreds of soil and stone dams catch the needed seasonal rains.
Although most Libyans are Sunni Muslims, the Nafusah belong to a tiny sect called Ibadaya. Some of their Muslim practices are quite unorthodox. For instance, their mosques do not face east toward Mecca. Conversion to other religions by Muslims is considered apostasy and treason, which partially explains why there are no known Nafusah Berbers who follow Christ. There are currently no mission agencies working among them.

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Pray that the doors of Libya will soon open to missionaries. Ask God to call people who are willing not only to go to Libya, but also to go to this difficult to access region.

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