Daily Topic for August 22, 2017

Jn 16:33, NET
I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble and suffering, but take courage--I have conquered the world.

Pray for the Janjua Rajputs to understand that they are not in control; Jesus is.

Muslim Janjua Rajputs

by PE

(This story illustrates attitudes of this people group.)
Akbar shook his finger under his teenage son’s nose. “Don’t even think about becoming interested in a Jat or a Sikh girl. They are not for us. We have been the ruling class for hundreds of years. No Jat farmer or Sikh will ever be part of this Rajput family.”
There are over 200,000 Janjua Rajputs throughout the world, primarily in Pakistan. In India there are only 3500, and just 1900 of those are Kashmiri speakers. They are disdainful of those with lower caste status even within their own Janjua clan (such as those who have turned to farming). They are aggressive toward “Infidels,” the term they use for anyone not of the Islamic faith. Yet within the broader Rajput cluster, they are a religious minority. In India most Rajputs are either Hindu or Sikh.
There has been a complete Bible translation in their languages since 1899, and a New Testament since 1813; so for over 200 years the good news of Jesus Christ has been within their reach. But the chains of Islam have kept them from reaching for what is available.

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Pray that the stony hearts of the Janjua Rajputs would be touched and softened by the Holy Spirit. Pray for a hunger for the truth and a desire to claim Jesus Christ as their Lord. Pray for transformed hearts that love and accept other communities.

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