Daily Topic for April 14, 2010

Acts 5:28
…you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching.

Chapters five and six of Acts yield several indications that the apostles were obedient to the Lord’s command to be His witnesses in Jerusalem. The number of disciples was quickly getting very large (6:1, 6:7)! But what about the rest of the Lord’s command? Had He not said they should go beyond Jerusalem? Yes! How easy it is to become absorbed in issues close to home and thereby forget the needs of other peoples in other places. Though there are many German missionaries in other parts of the world, there are also many working among the unreached peoples in their own urban centers. Are you aware of the unreached people groups in your city or town?’

Pray that people in our cities will reach those without the gospel in their midst.

Muslim Indonesians in Berlin

by JS

What city in Europe is the most popular for Indonesian students to study and pursue a degree in technical subjects? It is Berlin. This city is now home to about 1,500 Indonesians, and 650 of these are students.

Indonesians are comprised of many ethnic groups, and most are Muslims. However, a good number of ethnic Chinese from Indonesia are Christians, but they are not accepted by the Muslim Indonesians. The Chinese have adjusted to Berlin’s culture far better than other Indonesians.

It is a lonely time for these students. It will usually take them six to seven years to complete their education since most of them have to supplement the money their parents send with part-time work to cover their living costs. This usually means working in factories.

Most of the students are nominal Muslims. They stick to themselves, eating together in their student hostels, playing sports among themselves, and having little or no contact with Germans. For this reason even after six or seven years in Germany, their standard of conversational German is often low. They have shown little interest in the gospel or in attending meetings of the Indonesian students of Chinese origin.

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Pray for God to raise up the right people to reach out to the Muslim Indonesians. Pray for key Indonesian students to have the life changing experience of knowing the Risen Lord.

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