Daily Topic for April 23, 2010

Matthew 8:10
I tell you the truth, I have not found anyone in Israel with such great faith.

Who had such great faith? A Roman (Gentile) centurion. How ironic was Jesus’ discovery! One outside the Jewish nation, and isolated from the revelation Israel had received, had greater faith than those inside Israel. Likewise, German missionaries today might find the Mongolians in their midst to be more responsive to the gospel than their fellow countrymen who have had the gospel for centuries, yet turn to alternative religions.

Pray that we will see the responsive peoples as God sees them, and act out of obedience.


by WK

The middle-aged Mongolian man sold cigarettes from a cart he pushed down the busy Berlin sidewalk. He kept looking over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t being watched by the police. He was selling illegal tax-free cigarettes. This was the only job he could get because he was an illegal immigrant. Years ago he’d come to East Germany to attend college. But in 1989 Communism collapsed and East Germany ceased to exist, leaving him in legal limbo. The government that had given him permission to study in Berlin no longer existed.

A young man handed the Mongolian vendor a tract. “Have you heard of Jesus Christ?” The man pondered. “Yes, from friends in Mongolia. Isn’t he some new religious leader who showed up in my homeland 20 years ago?” The young man smiled. “Let me tell you more about Jesus. He has already given many of your countrymen in Mongolia new lives.”

Pray that Mongolian believers will take the gospel to Mongolians living in Berlin and other parts of Germany. Ask God to mobilize the fast growing Mongolian Church to reach out to these people. Pray that God would clear up immigration issues in Germany, so Mongolians in Berlin can lead productive lives.

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