Daily Topic for May 29, 2017

Psalm 35:18, NET
Then I will give you thanks in the great assembly; I will praise you before a large crowd of people!

Pray that the Mongolians in Denver will praise Him and give their lives to the Savior.

Mongolians in Denver, CO

by CL

(This fictitious dialogue is intended to explain the situation of this people group.)
“The Mongolians are coming! The Mongolians are coming!” “Very funny, Kevin,” Mike groaned. “Actually, they’re already here,” Kevin said with a silly grin.
Mike and Kevin were standing near the Colorado state capital building in Denver where a public demonstration was taking place. Thousands had gathered for a convention to discuss education and socio-economic issues facing Mongolian Americans.
“Do you think they’ll accept our materials?” Mike mumbled. Kevin shrugged. “I hope so.” As they began moving into the crowd offering evangelical tracts and Scripture portions tailored specifically for this people group, they were pleasantly surprised by the response.
In 1989, three Mongolian engineering students came to Colorado to study at the Colorado School of Mines. More students followed. By 1996, the University of Colorado’s Denver campus had a program aimed specifically at bringing Mongolian students to study in Colorado.
Today there are more than 2,000 Mongolians living in and around Denver. While there are some Christians among them, the number is small.

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Ask the Lord to help churches in and around Denver realize the opportunity they have to share the gospel with this people group. Pray for the salvation of the Mongolians in Denver, as well as the nearly three million still living in their homeland. Ask God to do a powerful work among them, establishing a Mongolian church planting movement.

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