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John 1:29b
"Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!"

The Muslim mother quoted in today’s story thought like many Muslims think today. Prophets speak in ways that are unclear to the rest of us. But the Christian God wants us to understand Him, so He has the prophets speak clearly, just as John the Baptist did in this verse. How can this verse be any clearer? A more important question is this:
How can any Muslim resist the One who alone promises to take away the sins of the world?

Pray that Turkish Muslims, be they in Turkey or the Northern Caucasus, will put their faith in the One who clearly offers forgiveness of sin.

Missionary Biography: Lyman MacCallum 3 of 3

by AL

One day Lyman gave a copy of the New Testament to a Turkish friend and asked him to give it to his mother to read. In a few days the book was returned.

My friend said, “My mother doesn’t believe your book.”

Lyman responded, “Indeed, could you tell me why?”

“Well, His Excellency, Jesus, never spoke like that,” said his

“How does she know that?” Lyman probed.

His friend answered, “Wasn’t Jesus one of the greatest of the prophets? And when a prophet opens his mouth, not even the wisest can fathom his sayings. But anybody could understand this book.” This exchange shows what an excellent translation Lyman’s father had made of the Bible.

Lyman’s last writing for the Bible Society magazine was a story of a desert tribe that had first heard the Christian story from an Arab schoolgirl, who read it to them. They stared in wonder at the tribal girl who could read out of a book.

“What did you read?” she was asked.

“I read the story of Moses from beginning to end. Then I read about Jesus. The old men wept when I read about the cross.”

By the time Lyman MacCallum died from a cerebral hemorrhage in 1955, this Bible had been translated into 50 different languages used in the Northern Caucasus and distributed from Turkey throughout the region. He was only 62 years old.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for God to raise up others with the determination to do Bible translation for the many languages of the Caucasus Mountain Region of southern Russia.

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