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John 1:10
He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him.

The coming of Jesus brought upon the world a new opportunity. At long last, there was someone to save the world from sin. A time of great change is sometimes a time when people are willing to find and accept new ideas. Turkey was at such a point in the 1920s. It must have seemed to missionaries like MacCallum that this was the time for a great harvest. Yet the harvest did not come!

Pray for a great harvest based on genuine repentance, love and faith to go forth throughout the Turkish world today.

Missionary Biography: Lyman MacCallum 2 of 3

by AL

“A full and extremely lively year,” Lyman MacCallum wrote at the end of 1928. That year the government of Turkey performed a major
operation on the Turkish language. The Arabic alphabet, which had served the Turks for centuries, was condemned and outlawed by an enthusiastic Grand National Assembly. All printing in the Arabic characters was forbidden after 1 Jan. 1929. The police visited each print shop to see that all the old type was melted down. Now the country was committed to the Roman alphabet.

To help the people master the new alphabet, Lyman printed an edition of Proverbs with the old and new scripts on opposite pages. It arrived from the printer just four days before the old script was banned. Now the whole Bible needed to be reprinted in the new script. But it also became clear to Lyman that the version of the Bible then in use needed revision. Chosen for this task was Lyman’s father, Dr. F. W. MacCallum, who for 40 years had spoken Turkish and had used the old version.

Four years later, in 1933, the revised New Testament was printed, and in 1937, the complete Old Testament was published. Lyman’s part was to keep on top of the correspondence with the Bible societies and others. He controlled the finances, defended the translators, and guarded his father from overstrain.

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Pray for accuracy as today’s workers attempt to translate the words of God into local languages.

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