Daily Topic for January 03, 2010

Proverbs 16:2
All a man's ways seem innocent to him, but motives are weighed by the Lord.

Part of what is difficult about frontier mission work is the motivation. There have been times in Church history when mission work was misused by people who used it to expand the political power of an empire. Certainly David Livingstone had mixed motives for spending 33 years exploring Africa’s interior. What he did helped British colonial interests, but it also served to expand the gospel as he preached to tribes yet unreached.

Pray that today’s missionaries will have innocent and pure motives as they reach out to the nations that have not yet heard that Christ came to save sinners. Pray that they will serve the redeemer of mankind first and foremost.

Missionary Biography, David Livingstone - part 3

by AL

(Continued from yesterday)

Hoping to have time with his family while on furlough in London in 1856, Livingstone found he was a national hero, in demand as a speaker everywhere. All too soon he returned to Africa, joined there by Mary once the children were all in school. But their time together was short; Mary died in 1861.

Lonely, Livingstone explored even deeper into the heart of Africa, preaching to the African chieftains wherever he went. For months on end, the world watched while Mr. Stanley, a New York reporter, searched for, and eventually found, the “lost Livingstone” far in the interior. Sometime later, on May 1, 1873, his faithful workers discovered Livingstone kneeling at his bedside, head buried in his hands. He had died in the act of prayer.

His body was buried at Westminster Abbey in London, but his heart remained in Africa, where he had given 33 years to exploration so that the gospel might come to all tribes.-AL from “The Personal Life of David Livingstone,” by W. G. Blaikie, and “From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya,” by Ruth A. Tucker, Zondervan, 1983.

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Pray for today’s African missionaries as they go to those most needing to hear the gospel.

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